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“The most enjoyable part of doing the whole book (The Beatles Authorized Biography) was being present at Abbey Road. John’s doziness at home left him when he came into the studio. Working with Paul seemed to make him more alive. If he couldn’t finish a song, then Paul would help him out. They remained themselves, producing their own sort of music, but each other’s presence seemed to bring out the best in each of them. And if they did get completely stuck, ending up with two bits of tunes that did not appear to gel, as in ‘A Day in the Life’, then George Martin was there to solve the problem of melding them together.

They usually assembled at Paul’s house in Cavendish Avenue, St John’s Wood, in the afternoon, going up to the top floor where John and Paul would try out any new little ideas they had had on their own. It was all fairly informal, with close friends and relations coming in, hanging about, and they would all break for fried eggs and toast and tea. By the time they got into the studio in the evening, just round the corner in Abbey Road, and George and Ringo had then turned up, it would become more serious. Outsiders would not be allowed in the studio when they were working.

John and Paul would write out on the backs of envelopes or scraps of paper the latest words or versions of the songs they were working on, then give them to Ringo on the drums, so he would know what was happening. Bits would be altered as they went along, and new parts added.” – Hunter Davies

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